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The production is carried out in strict compliance with the environmental standards of coffee production, as well as meeting the quality standards for certified coffees from selective harvesting, processing and storing.

Each producer selectively harvests in which he tries to maintain the quality of the coffee using an optimal benefit system.

The coffee farmer brings his coffee in clean bags and identified by quality and humidity in transport exclusively conditioned for it.

The collection goes through the physical analysis in the main collection center of the cooperative. Then the samples are sent to the laboratory for organoleptic analysis.

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Within the physical and organoleptic analysis. the yield and cupping factor is carried out in order to identify the aroma, fragrance, flavor and body of the coffee.

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APROSELVANOR coffee has a fruity aroma, a floral fragrance, in flavor it has sweet and bright acidity, consistent cups with long lasting aftertaste. SCAA score 82 to 85 points.

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