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Starting in 2015, APROSELVANOR farmers came together to address the needs for better prices, shared practices, and technical assistance. Led by a group of coffee farmers, starting with 50 farmers, we are now 478 coffee producing partners, working together to provide quality specialty coffees. Our projects include addressing climate change and protecting the environment, while focusing on increasing the quality of life for farmers and their families. We are pleased to share our hard work with you and invite you to visit us in Moyobamba - Peru.
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Northeast jungle producers association, has multiple certifications for different market niches; We have organic certifications, Fair Trade, coffee practices and UTZ Certificate.

These certifications validate the work, commitment, and responsibility of the entire team, in order to meet the requirements required by the different market niches.

APROSELVANOR currently has the following certifications in force:






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Carretera Fernando Belaunde Terry lote 02L C.P-Indañe- Moyobamba

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